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Songs to listen to and sing along to

Danyavaad - trad aus Indien - beim Mantrasingen in Wien 2005
Epo i tai tai je - trad. aus HawajNachtwelle in Wien 2005
Go down Moses - Salvatorsaal in Wien 2005
Ibaje - Quintett in der Kirche in Schmerwitz 2004
Maranata - Quintett Kirche in Schmerwitz 2004
Om Tare Tutare - Quintett in der Kirche in Schmerwitz 2004
Peacechant - Nachtwelle in Wien 2006
Praesent für diese Welt - (T+M Odilo Gauda) Konzert Waldkapelle Belzig 2006
Shima - Quintett in der Kirche in Schmerwitz 2004
Thuma mina - Workshop in Wien 2006
Thy light is in all forms - Quintett in der Kirche in Schmerwitz 2004

30.4.2020 Video contribution to the project "Song of the day"

With my Russian musician friends Anja Kopytova (soprano), Anja Rags (alto) and Tanja Gordeeva (tenor) I am singing the song "Sun is rising" in four languages:
English, Russian, Bavarian and Spanish and each in four voices.

Link to the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAFTPIPgqow

Ensemble 1

During a picnic on the Kazir River that flows past our villages, we made these video recordings and had a lot of fun.

EnsembleThe sheet music for the song is available here
(free and for general use, enjoy!)

1. The music sheet of the Bavarian and Russian versions (PDF),

2. The music sheet of the english version (PDF),

3. The music sheet of the spanish version (PDF)

We have been greatly enjoying singing together as the
"Maravilla" Ensemble (Maravilla (Spanish) = "wonder" in English)
for 5 years
, which is for us a great pleasure.

We live in the Siberian villages of Guljaevka and Cheremshanka
and we all practice self-sufficiency,
including growing our own vegetables.

Anja Kopytova, Anja Rags and I are choir directors
and Tanja is a songwriter and has already released a few of her own CDs.

If you want to contact us please do so here.

Here you can find more information about me, the choirnetwork Raduga, den Raduga-choirsummer 2020 (if it can take place), seminars, that I organize and offer and projects, that I support or carry out.

EnsembleIn this time of the Coronavirus it is not possible for us freelance artists to hold seminars and choir rehearsals as usual.

this creates financial difficulties

If you can and want to support
me and my work, or our ensemble
(we dream of a concert tour to Europe together), we will be very grateful!

Thank you very much!

Raduga Bank account information:

Jan Dangendorf
IBAN: DE47200411110587612300
Transfer note: "Donate to Christoph or ensemble Maravilla or project ..."

New updates about my / our work will be posted on this page.

Best wishes,

Christoph and the ensemble "Maravilla"